Calculate the Maximum Loan Amount for Your Used Car

What Can I Afford?

Enter your desired loan terms to calculate how much car you can afford.


Acquisition fees, destination charges, tag, title, and other fees and incentives are not included in this calculation.

Determining Monthly Payment

Your monthly payment should not exceed 23% of your net income.  To calculate your maximum payment, simply total your net deposits from paychecks for the month and multiply by 23%.


     Paycheck 1:  $1000 (After Taxes)
  + Paycheck 2:  $1000 (After Taxes)
    Net Income:  $2,000

   Maximum Payment/Month: $460

   Max Vehicle Price = $9,053.78 (by entering a $460/monthly payment with $1000 down in Calculator)

   Want a higher priced used car?  Increase the down payment in the calculator to determine your max price.

Special In-House Financing for Your Next Used Car or Truck

Being one of the most reputable Buy Here Pay Here dealer's in the Dallas area for the last 5 years, the Car Network has a wide variety of used cars and trucks for sale in Garland, TX.  We offer special financing for individuals that may have issues obtaining financing with a bank or traditional lender.  Because we are the lender, we are able to finance most applicants with a current ID and proof of income who can show residency in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.  We can get you rolling in a used car or truck with down payments as low as $1000.  Payments can be set up on your pay day or on a monthly basis for those that prefer to pay on a more traditional payment schedule. The Car Networks takes all used vehicles go through a VERY thorough reconditioning process, including a FULL interior and exterior detail and mechanical inspection. Our technicians test drive each vehicle to make sure your engine and transmission are functioning properly, they check for leaks, squeaks, they verify appropriate fluid levels, they check brakes, tires, and power features to make sure your car is functioning as it should be. After our technicians finish their checklists we have a certified state inspector perform a safety inspection to double check their work. If you have been looking for great place to buy a reliable, dependable, low mileage clean used car Our in-house financing makes it easy to find the used car that fits your budget.  Your are able to buy, service, and pay for your vehicle at our dealership in Garland, TX.

Used Cars in Garland, TX

Why purchase a used car?

New vehicles depreciate 20% on average after driving it off the lot.  Conversely, used cars depreciate less as they age.  Purchasing a used car or truck that is older than 3 years ensures the bulk of the accelerated depreciation has already occurred.  It is important to weigh the ongoing maintenance of the vehicle with the age of the used car or truck.  Mileage is another factor to consider.  Used cars with higher mileage will bring less value than a vehicle that is gently used.  You want to ensure your used car or truck has been driven 12,000 miles a year on average.

What do I need to get approved?

Our requirements are different than a typical dealer since we are a Buy Here Pay Here dealer specializing in second chance financing and first-time buyers.  We don't focus on your credit unless you are trying to purchase a vehicle over $10,000.  Your source of income and length of residence in the Dallas - Fort Worth area are most important.  Please bring proof of income and residence with you to ensure we can properly approve you.  We can help most Dallas residents with a verifiable source of income.

What does Buy Here Pay Here mean?

Buy Here Pay Here is a form of financing where the dealer serves as the lender and retailer for your used car or truck.  Think of us as a one stop for your automotive needs.  Our approval rates are among the highest in the Dallas area.

Do you report payments to the Credit Bureaus?

Yes, we report the repayment activity associated with your used car to the credit bureau.  Purchasing used cars from
the Car Network is a great way to rebuild your credit.  

Can I live in another state and purchase a vehicle?

The Car Network specializes in helping residents within the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex.  Our business model is designed to approve customers that live in the Dallas area for an extended period of time.  Approval rates go up if you can prove you live within 50 miles of Dallas, TX.

Do you have a warranty?

Our vehicles are sold as-is.  It is possible a factory or extended warranty still exists on one of our used cars sold at The Car Network in Garland, TX.  We are one of the few Buy Here Pay Here dealers the Dallas area that has a service department.  

How much is my trade-in worth?

This is very difficult to determine without inspecting your used car.  However, there are a couple third party sites that will provide you with a good baseline such as NADA and KBB.  

Key factors include:
  • Model Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Geography (Used Cars in Garland and Dallas are not subjected to salt from icey roads)



*  Subject to credit approval and underwriting criteria.  Vehicles over $12,000 may not be eligible for the Special In-House Financing or First-Time Buyer Programs.  Not everyone will qualify for a vehicle with as little as $1,000 down.  Qualification will depend on monthly income in relation to the down payment provided.